Status Update

As most of you have noticed, the site has been down for the past few days. We've been working non-stop to try and correct the problem, but it seems efforts have been fruitless for the most part. Unfortunately, if things don't turn around in the next few days, we will unfortunately/potentially suffer from a loss of data. We generally take monthly backups, we're a small site, so storage of backups more often than that wasn't really something we were adament about. However, one of those monthly backups failed to transfer, and the site went down before it was time for the next backup to run (it's all automated in the background). So that means, if we can't rescue the server, we will incure a data loss of 2 months.

This is big to us, and it hurts, we will be switching from hosting providers since this isn't the first time we've had this type of failure and it seems all too common with them at this point. So, we'll be moving to greener pastures in hopes of bluer skies.

This isn't goodbye.

We'll be setting up the site within the week hopefully, and we'll have more updates as to what actually has transpired and how we're going to fix things to be better. We've been so involved with our new site that we failed to pay attention to the current site, which means we failed each and everyone of you who visits this site.

Regarding Recent Applications

Some people have been asking about their accounts created in the past 2 months, just as a pre-caution, if you still have your email from where you application was accepted, please keep it. We'll work out a way to reverify you so your account can be created again if it comes down to that.

We'll know for sure by this Friday as to what steps we'll have to take to get the site back online and may even have it back up and running. We're handling a lot of back ground things and we're working on being down for as little time as possible. Even if it seems like forever.